Phases of a Job

There are a lot of steps that go into a landscape project from start to finish. The beginning steps start long before the physical landscape changes. First comes the survey of the property—which is used to create a hand-drawn design to scale. The design goes through different phases until we arrive at a final, hand-colored design. Once the design is completed, the physical changes to the landscape can begin.

Phase I: Demolition

Many properties require a significant demolition stage in order to create a blank slate for the rest of the project. This phase usually consists of cutting down and disposing of all the plant material on the property, as well as removing any existing masonry, unacceptable soil or existing base material within the construction area and hauling it away.

Phase II: Construction of Mortared Masonry

When the project is big enough, we work with Ettore Masonry—a custom masonry company. Here he and his team built an elevated sunroom terrace with an attached outdoor kitchen and also bar room steps, entry stairs, walls, and stone piers that are out of picture.

Phase III: Dry Laid Masonry

In this phase we dry laid Pennsylvania Bluestone on a 5-6" compacted gravel base with 1-2" of screenings as a setting bed. Polymeric sand is used to fill the joints. Bluestone pieces range in size and shape and the patten is designed to fit the feel and style of the space it is in. In this specific project we see a Bluestone dining patio and a living room patio (there is also an entrance walkway and small garage landing that are out of the picture).

Phase IV: Stepping Stone Pathways

This phase uses a similar process to the dry laid masonry phase in order to create a Bluestone pathway. We build many walkways from irregular bluestone (naturally shaped rather than square cut) and spend time rounding and positioning each individual stone to swerve and sway in a classic garden feel toward a destination. In this project, 2'x 3' and 2' x 2' square cut blue stone is laid in a direct and traditional line to achieve a more formal feeling.

Phase V: First Section of Planting

First the planting beds are prepared with topsoil and bedding mix. Then the trees, shrubs, and perennials which are hand-selected with their final destination in mind are planted in the prepared beds. Once the majority of the plants are in the ground the irrigation work is done by an outside company at which point we install mulch and any remaining small perennials and ground cover.

Phase VI: Final Planting (Mulch and Lawn) & Construction Details

In this phase, the final planting consisting of ground cover and smaller perennials is completed. Then a two inch layer of bark blend mulch is installed on the newly planted beds and new seed or sod is installed on any area of lawn that may have been added in the design or disturbed during the project. After all of the masonry is completed, we also install any additional construction elements such as this custom build cedar pergola.

Phase VII: Lighting

As with planting and hardscape, lighting is designed at very beginning of the project although it is installed in the final phase. The lighting is carefully thought out and designed to make the space both functional and beautiful into the night. Once all the other phases of the project are completed or are near completion, the lighting it assembled on-site and installed using Coastal Source's proprietary and exceptional lighting system.